Cookbook Look

Besides a subscription to Bon Appetit, I currently have a million cookbooks.

I wouldn’t be a culinary geek without a few cookbooks mixed into my Book Looks. It’s hard to give an exact, realistic number, most of them are packed up in moving boxes, but it could be anywhere from 20-200. Ok, maybe not that many, but Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Julia’s Kitchen Wisdom, My Father’s Daughter, and Fried Chicken and Champagne are amongst my favorites.

Since I PROMISED Dave I wouldn’t buy any additional cookbooks until I’ve cooked through a few, (a win win for him), I can only admire them from afar. Here are some I spotted while at Barnes and Nobles:

From Top to Bottom: Very Fond of Food: A Year in Recipes by Sophie Dahl, The Art of Preserving by Rick Field and Rebecca Courchesne,
Sweet Cream and Sugar Cones by Kris Hoogerhyde, Anne Walker and Dabney Gough, and The French Kitchen Cookbook by Parragon Books.

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