Girl Walks Into A Restaurant…

About a month ago, I was in Manhattan for a work event. I had just gotten into Penn Station and was starving, so I headed to Central Park to look for that diner from Seinfeld. It doesn’t actually exist, and the location of the diner they featured in exterior shots was nowhere near Central Park. So I wandered into Le Pain Quotidien on the corner of 58th. Best mistake ever.

Here’s a shameless plug/blurb about the restaurant. It had amazing steel cut oatmeal, a variety of homemade bread and pastries, and lots of tea. Think an upscale Panera. Here you go… drool over the menu.

It wasn’t the food that fascinated me. It was the decor. From the moment I sat down, I knew that this little restaurant would be an inspiration for me. It’s simplistic, classic, “I must be in Gwenyth Paltrow’s kitchen” approach was similar to my vintage kitchen aspirations. I took some notes with this post in mind. I already blogged about my plans for a future at-home office. Here are my inspirations for the perfect kitchen.

Top, (from left), 1950′s Aluminum Kitchen Dispenser, Colander Hanging Basket, Sweet Paul TypepadPolished Nickel Bell Pendant Light, Home Depot. Little Mermaid Bowl, Star Wars (R) Inspired Funny Cookie Jar, Drifted Oak Parson’s Rectangular Ext. Table, Restoration HardwareRolling Cart Kitchen Storage, Martha Ikea Gilbert Chair,


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