50 Shades Bedroom Inspiration

I’ve had this interior decor idea since I read ’50 Shades’. A lot of this only really makes sense if you’ve read the books, but the basic colors/textures are there. A lot of silver, grey and pewter, (hence, the 50 Shades) with a tongue in cheek reference to the ‘Red Room’ mentioned throughout the books. I absolutely love this color combo!

50 Shades Bedroom

1. A plush, comfortable yet stylish burgundy chair (Pictured: Marylin Crystal Buttoned Burgundy Armchair from Alexander and Pearl) 2. Seattle Inspired Prints (Pictured: Seattle CityScape from Crate & Barrel, ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ Quote from Silver Moon Prints on Etsy) 3. Mercury Glass Lamp (Pictured: From Pinterest, Unlinked) 4. Lots of clean smelling candles (Pictured: Sea Salt & Bay Rum Double Wick Candle from Sydney Hale Co.) 5. Pewter Tabletop Airplane (Silver Finish Turboprop Airplane, Amazon.com) 6. Lots of throw pillows, in various shades and textures (Pictured: Perla Pillow from All Modern, Vintage Lumbar Pillows from CCDeuxVie, Etsy)

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