Decorating with Studs: Yes or No?

We already remember studs- you know, the things that were once glued to the pockets of your jeans. But decorating with them? Not sure if that says soft and fuzzy. However, during a local visit to a Flea Market, I came across this incredibly sophisticated looking container:

Silver Studded Container with Lid

Neat, right? My husband says it looks medieval, and I have to agree. It’s awesome! It’s definitely my favorite vintage finds, and since I’m not decorating a home yet, it can be yours! It’s currently for sale in my store. I have to say, the lid is my absolute favorite part of it.

Studded Lid

This changed my mind about studs. I scoured the web, and of course, Pinterest to find other amazing studded decor. Here’s what I came up with, and I must say, I was pretty impressed/surprised at some of these pieces:

Studded Table from HSN


Studded Jar from Kelly Wearstler Designs


Tan Studded Pillow from West Elm

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