One Tile at a Time

I was surfing Etsy for potential Christmas list items this evening, and of course, ended up buying something. I’ve been looking for unique, vintage ceramic tiles for awhile now, and tonight, I found one that I absolutely love. It’s dynamite, right?!

Ceramic Tile Wall Hanging of Basha Haiku w/ Mountains

Ceramic Tile Wall Hanging of Basha Haiku w/ Mountains

It probably isn’t for everyone, but that’s one of my favorite things about vintage pieces. It’s based on your personal taste and style- for someone else, this might not be a great find, but for me, it was perfect! Once we’re in our new place (start of practically every sentence that comes out of my mouth), I’ll be able to implement this into a great room design. Here are some ideas I scrounged up on Pinterest about how to use vintage tile:

In the kitchen: 


On a staircase:

Stairway to Heaven?

 In the bathroom:

Purple Vintage Tile

I’m planning on using mine as a focal point in a kitchen or bathroom.  The contrast may seem a bit strong, but I have a few ideas on how I can put it together. Something like this, for maybe a guest bathroom:

Tile with black/blue accent border

The tile I purchased was the only one available, so I found a few online that you can buy. Unfortunately, I don’t have any in my store but I promise to be on the lookout for good ones!

Red and white tile border, available on Ebay

Turkish Tile Tribal Decor on Etsy

Antique Blue Tiles, SOLAR Antique Tiles- they have a HUGE selection!

What do you think of vintage tiles?


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sj (5 years ago)

I love that ceramic haiku, but the tiles just make me want to eat at chilis. :-D

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