*A Very Vintage and Nerdy Christmas Wishlist*

Hola, amigos!

It’s been awhile since I posted, but alas, you will have to wait more for my non-award winning wit. Dave and I recently moved into a new place, both started new jobs, hence, we’ve been absolutely swamped. Plus, I’m waiting to see if I win the Powerball before I post again.

This post specifically, is just for family and friend reference. Tis the season to tell people what you want, and thanks to Amazon, Pinterest, Gifter, Facebook, New Egg, multiple retail wish lists, etc. there are a zillion places to say you want things! What happened to the good old days when my best friend Melissa (not referring to myself in third person, we have the same name) and I would write letters to Santa? We’d eagerly deliver them to Santa’s workshop at that mall, and cross our fingers that we’d get everything that we asked for. Since this was when we were in college, those things tended to be bouquets of red roses, Cristal, and Bradley Cooper. Needless to say, we’re still waiting.

Anyway- since I’ve gotten a few requests already (thanks, Mom), I decided to just make a gargantuan list. So enjoy readers, and get into the holiday spirit–judge me on what I’m asking for:

*A Very Vintage and Nerdy Christmas Wishlist*

1. Cozy ass socks, such as these J.Crew Camp Socks. I know, I know, who asks for socks for Christmas?
2. Grease on DVD- still my all time favorite movie with singing. (Sorry Veggie Tales)
3. Cast Iron Tortilla Press, to encourage my still growing obsession with Bon Appetit magazine.
4. A candle, any candle, from Diamond Candles. This apple scented heaven stick looks awesome, and it comes with a free ring!
5. The Newlywed Game, so Dave and I can tirelessly compete with other couples.
6. A gift card to Ikea or World Market. Too much stuff I want from both to list here.
7. A spoon infuser for tea.  No preference, but this one looks good.
8. A wine fridge… if the wine ever makes it to the fridge. If all fails, I’ll use it for cheese.
9. The entire Oprah Show or Sex and the City series.
10. Any of these cookbooks.

What do you want for Christmas? 

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Colin (5 years ago)

I don’t care how cozy, I don’t think you should be wearing ass socks.

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