19 Dresses

I admit it, I’m a hoarder. I hoard dresses. I’m kind of embarrassed about it.

 Embarrassed? Why?

Well, when I was a kid, I was a tomboy. I was best friends with the boy down the street, played with action figures, and idolized my Dad (still do). Since my goal in life was to be my father’s son, dresses were never that important to me. I loved going fishing with him, or hanging out on our boat. Dan and I (my childhood friend) played in the mud in his backyard. When I did play with Barbies, my sister forced me to be the Kens, reinforcing my tomboy-ishness.

Flash forward to junior high, when I was incredibly awkward and shy. While I was becoming interested in makeup and clothes, I still hadn’t really embraced the all mighty dress. Yes, I wore them, but fashion didn’t mean that much to me. I had friends, (ah, the almighty frenemy) criticize my taste. Not openly, but casual remarks such as, “You should wear more ____________.” or “We have different styles,” always led me to believe that what they were really saying was, “You look like crap.”

Even before my husband and I got married, I tried not to be too risky with what I wore. Secretly, I worshipped Carrie Bradshaw and Audrey Hepburn. I occasionally wore something with lace or ruffles, something besides just a white tee and jeans. My husband used to tease me when we were dating regarding the ruffly shirts I liked. He and his friends started to comment that I wore them a lot, and once I realized it was a joke between them, I freaked.

After years of fashion exile, I changed. I started wearing heels more. I stopped wearing things that were too big for me. I’ve mostly gotten over my fears, but alas, every dress I buy tends to sit in my closet. I was thinking about it over the weekend, and immediately, decided it was time for action. I took a picture documenting each one (there’s still more in storage), and forced Dave to snap a few pictures too (You’ll know it’s sudden because I took zero time to do anything with my hair).

Dresses were meant to be worn, right?

My hoarding days are over! Let me know what you think of my collection! :)


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