Simple Room Decor Tips for Men

Decorating for men… where do I begin? I’ve seen a lot of bachelor pads- my friend Adam’s man cave, my cousin Logan’s basement room, my husband’s room at his former frat house. Some are decorated extremely well…and others, not so much. Sorry, babe!

I’ve been blessed with a lot of great guy friends and family members. I trust them for gift ideas for Dave, calling me out on my nonsense, and explanations about sports. In exchange, I offer my witty sense of humor, my advice about women, opinions on clothing… whether they want it or not.

I thought I’d do something different with this post, and talk about basic, no-brainer tips about decorating for men. It’s a lot easier than you think. Since a lot of my guy friends/family members are currently in college, or about to get their own place, I wanted to contribute some tips for female friendly decor. Again, whether it’s welcome or not.

Here are some room decor tips to live by:

1. The Bolder, The Better

Decorating for Men

Decorating for Men: Bold, or Black Walls

On HBO’s long running series, Sex and the City, Mr. Big was THE man! I don’t expect any guy to know anything about it, so I’ll cut to the chase. After his split with his gorgeous, modelish wife Natasha, he painted his bedroom red. It looked awesome. Try going for a neutral (tans, whites, etc) look, with a bold choice of paint, such as red or black. Both colors symbolize power, passion, and class.

2. Bitches Love Throw Pillows

Decorating for Men

Decorating for Men: Throw Pillows. Bitches love ‘em.

No one wants to sit on uncomfortable furniture. Do yourself a favor, and get some throw pillows for your bed and sofa. Make sure they’re SUPER comfy and cool looking. They don’t have to be expensive- you can find neutral colors at Big Lots or Walmart. More fun/colors and patterns are available online.

3. Put a Frame On It

Decorating for Men

Decorating for Men: Vintage Framed Posters

Same goes for frames. They don’t have to be expensive. Even the Dollar Store has picture frames. Try buying one or two large frames for posters, and one or two for personal pictures of your parents or siblings. Trust me, even a poster of a half naked woman looks better in a frame.

4. Pick Up Macho Accessories

Decorating for Men

Decorating for Men: Wrench Coat Hooks or Hangers

Home decor can be  masculine and creative. Pick up some fun accessories, such as a cool looking bar cart or a vintage globe- something that has to do with your interests. Look on Etsy or Ebay for some unique finds.

5. Pinesol and Febreeze Are Your Friends

Decorating for Men

Decorating for Men: Febreeze- go buy it.

Your apartment, dorm or house should always smell clean. I won’t even try to suggest candles. Just give it a good scrub once in awhile. Definitely before company comes over. Trust me, no one wants to walk into your home if it smells like socks. Spray down your sofa with some Febreeze or mop your floor once in awhile.

6. Keep Mess Out of Sight

Decorating for Men

Decorating for Men: Hidden storage space

A lot of guys I’ve met are messy, and trust me- I get it. I’m the messy one in my marriage, and I’ve found that having designated spaces for books, documents, etc. helps. Try a coffee table ottoman, or a trunk at the end of your bed. You can keep extra sheets, video games, or honestly, excess junk in there. When people come over, they won’t need to step over your things or make room to sit down.

What do you think?
Good tips or did I miss something?


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