Food For Men: Why My Husband Married Me

What is food for men, exactly? It’s man-friendly food. Before you read, keep in mind that this is pretty general– not a stereotype or a suggestion about what men should eat. Let me start with the origins of my man food theories, followed by one of my favorite recipes.

When my husband and I were dating, I played it cool. In real life, I probably didn’t, but in my mind, I was cooler than Britney Spears at the VMAS with that giant snake.

Totally stealin’ Dave’s heart.

I’m not going to reveal my various Dave’s heart stealing techniques, but I’ll admit to one. I made  man food- food for men. Yup, I’m talking meat balls, garbage plates (Rochesterians only), homemade macaroni and cheese, pulled turkey, and one time, these incredible, mythical chicken fajitas that I lost the recipe to.

But the most amazing thing I ever made traced back to my college days. At Temple, I was eager to show off my culinary skills. I feel that I succeeded when I started making these:

Food for Men

Food for Men: Easy Smores Treats

They’re like Rice Krispie treats- but way way WAY BETTER. I use various kinds of cereal. I started making them with Lucky Charms, and then progressed to Reeses Puffs (Dave’s favorite). Occasionally, I whip up these amazing sauce GOLDEN GRAHAM Smores bars. Today, it was for a work dessert contest.

Food for Men

Food for Men: No one will resist the chocolatey/marshmellow goodness.

I know what you’re thinking- I don’t got time for that! Well, guess what- you do. All you do is pour a box of golden grahams in a microwaveable bowl with some marshmallows, margarine and chocolate chips…. YES, YOU MICROWAVE THEM! Put ‘em in the fridge for an hour or so and it’s on! 

Here’s the recipe I use, however, I skip the nasty corn syrup and vanilla. It takes ten minutes, and will WOW whatever dude you’re making them for, or hopefully, co-workers.

What’s the easiest thing you’ve ever made?

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