How To Stock a Bar or Any Vintage Bar Cart

How To Stock a Bar Cart

Bar carts seem to be newest thing, even just in the Pinterest/Etsy world. One of the most challenging parts of owning one however, is how to stock a bar cart. How do you combine style and function?

First step, is of course, to get a bar cart. For a truly vintage bar cart, cruise flea markets, yard sales, and antique stores. For something newer, try Ikea or World Market.

I like this ÄPPLARÖ outdoor serving cart from Ikea. It’s around $90, and actually, just a portable cart.

Now, how to stock a bar or vintage cart. What you stock it with depends on your personal taste and style, plus size of the actual bar or cart.
Here are the basics on how to stock a bar or a cart:

How to Stock a Bar Cart

How To Stock a Bar Cart: Vintage Bar Carts

1. Mixers & Liquor: Before you consult a list of every mixer and liquor available, stop. It’s not meant to be a full bar. Think of the bar items you use the most, and take it from there. For me, it’s olive juice, high end vodka, and olives (dirty martini), the vodka again, as well as grapefruit juice, sugar, and margarita salt (for salty dogs), and dry red wine. Besides the grapefruit juice and olives, most of these don’t need to be chilled, and can be kept on the cart. (About $50 for all pictured)

2. Tea Towels: Not only do these look nice, they’re handy for spills. Instead of basic ones, try one with an interesting graphic design. I chose bumblebees because of my name- Melissa- meaning honeybee. ($13 from Etsy)

3. Ice bucket: Before company arrives, fill it with ice. There are a million kinds of ice buckets on the market, but I like this vintage ship bucket off Etsy. ($23 from Etsy)

4. Versatile Cocktail Mixer: I usually go for stainless steel, but this cocktail mixer has extact measurements for some of my favorite drinks. It also comes with a tight fitted lid. ($8 from Etsy)

5. Bar Tools: These basic bar tools won’t take too much room, and can be kept in the ice bucket or a glass. has a variety of basic, affordable tools. ($15 for all,

6.Multi-Functional Glasses: One of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made is investing in various glassware. At home, it’s best to consolidate space with glasses that can serve different functions. These goblets are great for wine, cocktails, or margaritas. ($46 for 6,

7. Cocktail Guide: Rushing to the computer every two seconds isn’t ideal- keep a copy of a cocktail guide close to your cart. ($10 from

How would you stock a bar or a vintage cart?

Check out my Polyvore board to see where I found everything!

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