I’m Helping Queensboro Raise Money, and It Won’t Effect You At All

As most of you know, I’m working for the Queensboro Shirt Company. If you didn’t know that, check my LinkedIn page and it’ll tell you everything you need to know. Before you starting thinking of how we could possibly work together, just hold off for a bit. More about that later.


Anyway, one of my first projects for QB is assisting with their Annual Food Drive. It benefits the Wilmington branch of The Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina. As fundraisers or charity go, it’s pretty basic. It’s simply a canned food drive. We’re also collecting monetary donations.


This is the part where you think, oh, I get it… she’s asking for money. To be fair and straightforward, yes, I am. So if you don’t care about that, you can close this window right now. Go back to whatever you’re doing and I promise, no hard feelings.


If you’re interested in this non-traditional approach for raising funds, please, continue to read.


First, some history. I’ve tried to raise money before. Anyone who has ever been on a sports team or a part of an organization has. However, this time, there are no candy bars, no bracelets, no wrapping paper to give you. I can’t give you anything. Heck, if you’re an SEO and reading this, trust me, you probably won’t even get a link.  Trust me, I’m not a huge SEO with a ton of followers either, so this will not help you in any way, shape or form. So sorry- maybe you’ll get a tweet, but not a link.


(Pause for the- “WHAT?! NO LINK?! I’m out!”)


And that’s fine. This is just another fundraiser. Even if you donate money, it probably won’t change your life. It won’t even really change your day. Chances are, no one will even know you did anything.


But maybe, just maybe, if I’m completely transparent about my intentions, I’ll get one of you-even just one, even if it’s my own mother- to donate to this cause.


So for the few people that are still reading, this is what you have to do. If you’re not in Wilmington- you’re probably not- you need to donate $10 on our Crowdrise fundraising page. That’s the minimum, $10. All the money goes directly to the Food Bank, so I won’t even see it. Hence- I won’t be rolling around in it, like this:


Fat cats like me, rolling around in money intended to help the needy.


That’s it. That’s all I’m asking. In a perfect world, I would get crates and crates of canned soup, tuna, recipe starters, and positive encouragement. In a world with infinite ways to spend $10, I’d feel lucky if anyone made it to the end of the post.


If you did, regardless if you choose to donate, make us both feel like that ecstatic cat rolling around in dollah dollah bills, and share this post:  We Just Need One Can and Five Minutes.


So yeah, I’m really getting nothing from this- that’s not even my blog. That’s our company blog, that yes, I manage.


That’s the end of my rant. I hope that each and every person that read this at least got something out of it— even if it’s just a creative way to ask people for money.


Melissa W.

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Melissa Weidenborner's Mother (5 years ago)

You know me so well Mop………I donated $10 for the “shoutout”……you are officially 1% closer to your goal!

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