Jennifer Aniston’s Retro Living Room

A few months ago, I came across a Yahoo article about celebrity living rooms. As a home decor junkie, I clicked through. My favorite was this retro, sleek looking living room that belongs to Rachel Green herself, aka Jennifer Aniston.

Retro, Sleek Living Room of Jennifer Aniston

The warm, beige and tan paired with the dark purple (or appears to be) is pure perfection. The simplistic shelf styling besides a gorgeous window overlooking a koi pond is absolutely breathtaking. Who’d expect anything less than Jen Aniston? 

Although this interior was done by (most likely) unattainable designers, we can try to duplicate it. I broke down the various techniques used to put together this 1970′s inspired space.

Jennifer Aniston Retro Living Room Inspiration

#1. Dark Pine Shelves

Ikea Dark Pine BORGSJÖ Shelf Unit, $75

The dark pine shelving in Jen’s living room contributes to it’s warm, welcoming appeal. Her pine shelves appear to be floating, but the same look can be achieved with a simple, dark pine shelf or DIY floating shelves.

2. Metal Vases & Metal Rimmed Hurricane Candle Holders

Simple Metal Vase, Target

Metal vases, or anything with a metal rim, is great for any space. The simplicity shown throughout Aniston’s living room is perfected with these basic, yet stunning pieces.

3. Faux Plants, Grass

Faux Grass from Wayfair

For those without a green thumb, fake grass or plants are a godsend. Sure, they get dusty, but at least you don’t have to routinely water them. I’m not sure about Jen’s plants, but this one looks like a close match.

4. Crushed Velvet Seating

Purple Velvet Ottoman from Target

Nothing says 70′s quite like velvet. Crushed velvet furniture makes a great accent for a vintage room. Jen has comfy armchairs, but I like this purple crushed velvet ottoman.

5. Vintage Books

Vintage Christian Dior Book

It’s no surprise Jen has books about Christian Dior lying around. I found this one via Polyvore on, but I’m sure you could get a few on Amazon as well.

6. Retro Coffee Table

Contour Rolling Walnut Coffee Table, Target

This retro inspired coffee table is the perfect piece for a vintage room like Jen’s. While this one is new from Target, I’m sure you could find one at a yard or estate sale. The key is matching the dark pine to the bookcase, to keep the color palate continuous.


What do you think of Jen’s 70′s inspired pad?

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