A Little Boost

I decided to do an overly cocky, self-promoting post today. I could have written something uplifting and positive for everyone to enjoy, but instead, I decided to write something just for me. If you’re not interested, just X out— I won’t blame you.

It’s so easy to look at someone else and see how wonderful they are. I see people that inspire me every day. I have wonderful friends that I’ve had for years.

My best friend Annastacia is kick ass. She’s one of the strongest people I know. She never judges me, yet, never lets me get away with anything.

My husband is loyal and kind. He folds my underwear—seriously (sorry for the overshare, but that’s pretty impressive). Every morning, he kisses my forehead and tells me how much he loves me– no exaggeration, every single morning. 

My best friend Lane is adventurous and unstoppable. Childhood best friend and confidants Melissa and Nikki are sympathetic, yet honest and supportive. My baby sister is hilarious, beautiful and extremely intelligent.

Before I start on me, just one more. My brother Ricky is amazing. He’s one of the smartest, funniest, most incredible people I have ever had the privilege of knowing.

Which brings me to myself. Like I mentioned, it’s so easy to praise other people. It’s so difficult to look inward and see positive things about yourself…. but I’ll do my best without seeming too egotistical.

1. My hair looks nice curly.



2. I’m goofy.

Goofy goober.

3. I shake it like a polaroid pic-tah!

Shake it, Elaine!

Shake it, Elaine!


4. I get excited. Sometimes, for no reason.



5. I’m supportive.

Supportive….or something.

6. Mindy is unpredictable and sometimes, mean, but hell… she’s fun.




7. I keep it tight.

Keep it tight.

8. I like to give people gifts… sometimes, for no reason.



9. I’m still a little gullible. 


10. I’m a foodie.


What’s your favorite thing about yourself?


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Melissa Weidenborner's Mother (5 years ago)

One of your best……..will giggle all day……love you Moppy!!!!!!

    Melissa (5 years ago)

    Thanks, Mom.

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