How To Broil a Grapefruit

I’ve seen a lot of “how to broil a grapefruit” pins floating around on Pinterest lately.

I’m pretty cautious about taking recipes offline (a lot of them are untested), and broiled grapefruit seemed a bit out there. See, my grandmother used to serve me grapefruit, amongst other yummy, healthy foods such as pumpernickel bread and oatmeal.

She never let me put sugar on my grapefruit, and to this day, I’m an avid plain grapefruit eater. So when I saw yummy looking broiled, sugared up grapefruits on Pinterest, I had my doubts.¬†The whole point of grapefruit is that it’s really good for you.

Sugar, brown sugar, cinnamon, etc…all those extras diminish that. However, curiousity overcame me, and I decided to try one.

Turns out, broiled grapefruit is sweet and easy!

How To Broil a Grapefruit

How To Broil a Grapefruit

How to Broil a Grapefruit:

First step, turn on your broiler. Should only take a few minutes for it to heat up.

Prepare your grapefruit with a simple combination of:

Splenda (I used one pack for both halves, but you can use more)

A Sprinkle of Ginger, Cinnamon and Nutmeg (as much as you prefer)

I used the sugar and spices sparingly, and after tasting it, I would probably be a little more generous. I broiled it for less than 10 minutes, when the edges browned a little bit. Pulled it out of the oven, let it cool for a few minutes, then dug in.

The first bite was decent. I was thinking that it still tasted like regular grapefruit, and then- OMG WHAT IS THAT NECTAR OF THE GODS!? The warm grapefruit juice mixed in with those sweet little extras is absolutely amazing!

I dug into the rest of my two halves. I definitely recommend it for breakfast, or even as a healthy snack. Like I said, I would probably make sure the spices were a little more spread out.

What do you think?
Is this recipe a hit or a miss?

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