How to Have a Great Week: The Horrible Results & Funny .gifs

Well, the week’s over, and I have the unsatisfactory results.

This week was the worst. 

Despite my best efforts, everything that could go wrong did go wrong. Both of our cars broke down and needed expensive repairs, I had to cancel and postpone two events for the athletic team I coach, and by the time the weekend arrived, I was burnt out.

Here’s the breakdown:

My naive early Monday optimism.

Monday, Bright-Eyed and Optimistic: Monday started off well. I had a small win at work that I was super excited about and shared a nice lunch with my co-workers. By Monday afternoon, the initial excitement turned into humiliation when I realized I had made a really dumb error…. the huge win was actually a loss. I stayed optimistic. Monday night arrived, and I visited Sears for an oil change.

My Monday night…

What started out as “an hour wait” turned into more than two hours. My SUV somehow got stuck on the doo-hickey ramp, and the poor attendants scrambled to get it down. In addition to the wait, they revealed that I needed two brand new tires– immediately. I made it home around 10 PM, miserable.

I still got this.

Tuesday, Seeing a Silver Lining: Due to my tires being completely shot, I had to cancel an athletic event for the team I coach for. I felt terrible. However, my spirits were temporarily lifted when Sears called with a sincere apology- and a double refund. That brightened my day. Hopped up on paying it forward, I bought some desserts for a stressed out co-worker. That almost made the tire situation OK–but then I went back to Sears that night. The tires and installation turned out to be $300. Not including a realignment. Ouch.

Am I going to have a good week? Nope.

Wednesday, Not Feelin’ It: Wednesday was unremarkable. The highlight of my day was a salmon salad that I ate at my desk.

Thursday, So Over This Week: My team had their last game. They won! It was definitely by far, the best thing that happened to me all week. Afterwards, I met my co-workers at a local bar, thinking that they week was finally turning around. To celebrate, I bypassed my no drinking rule for the week. Feeling like I had unlocked a level of astonishing enlightenment- some days will suck, no matter what- I ordered a beer with the lowest % of alcohol.

Sums up my Thursday

There apparently was some confusion, because there’s no way that beer didn’t carry as much alcohol as absinthe. I’m exaggerating, obviously, but by the end of the night, I wasn’t pretty or enlightened.

By Friday Night…

Friday, Just End It, Please: Friday was full of more “happy” surprises. Left my debit card at the bar. Weather was getting nasty so a planned team dinner had to be rescheduled. Besides a friendly lunch with a co-worker, the day seemed longer than a E! Keeping Up with the Kardashians marathon.  Got home, ate soup, passed out.

My Weekend, summed up.

Saturday & Sunday, Officially Benched: By Saturday afternoon, I gave up on my perfect week. I watched a lot of TV, worked on my eBook, played on Pinterest and slept in.

I haven’t given up on my idea of having a perfect week. Sunday night, new start. If you don’t succeed, try and try again, right?

We’ll see.



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