How to Have a Great Week: An Experiment

Can you plan how to have a great week? I’m going to find out. First, a little explanation behind this project:

I recently read something about how the start to every week is like a new beginning. I’m open minded, but even this made me shake my head a little. I mean, what can really change in the span of one week?

That got me thinking. Can you anticipate, dare I say it, plan to have a great week? When it comes to how to have a great week, I’m definitely not an expert, so I thought about over for a few days, musing over weeks of the past, and trying to put my finger on what really made them great. 

how to have a great week

Me, having the best week ever.

I’m interested in finding out, so I’m planning that starting tomorrow, I will have an amazing week. After some deliberation, I made a list of things that have made other days or weeks, “great” in my book. Here are my pledges for how to have a great week.

How to Have a Great Week, Melissa Style:


I will eat well.

I love fresh fruit and veggies, so I’m going to eat more of them this week.
Less eating out of the vending machine at work, less fried food and less caffeine.

I will find something to laugh about every single day. 

I’ve tried to do more of this. Instead of stressing out over small things, focus on the bigger picture. Relax and laugh more.

I will stay on top of my game. 

I’m going to plan ahead and be proactive to stay on top of my game. That means no excuses,  no procrastinating.
I’m going to plan out my week tonight to make sure I don’t miss anything.

I will exercise.

I love zumba, but I don’t make time for classes. I always tell myself it’s because I don’t have time, which is true, but I realize I need to make time.

I won’t drink.

I’m not drinking this week, unless it’s lots of water and tea.

I will look my best.

I’m going to go out of my way to look my best. Look good, feel good.

I will get plenty of rest.

I’ve been getting really poor sleep lately, so I’m going to strive to get better rest. Going to bed earlier, getting a longer night’s sleep.

I will finally do that ‘one thing’ I’ve been wanting to do.

We all have these- “I really want to try/do this but I can’t because __________.” No can’ts this week, only cans!

Be super honest, even if I don’t want to.

Self explanatory. I want to be as honest as I can all week.

What do you think?
Will my how to have a great week experiment pay off?

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