Nerdy Glasses, and the Cute Geeks Who Wear Them

I don’t care what anyone says, nerdy glasses are cute. Even better- the geeks behind them. Retailers such as Ray-Ban, Lens Crafters and Coastal offer incredibly trendy frames, likely inspired by some of these geeks. I picked out the best nerds out there, and found similar frames you can make your own.

1. Clark Kent and his Nerdy Glasses (the original, not that doofus from the CW)

Clark Kent Nerdy Glasses

Clark Kent Glasses

I don’t care what anyone says, the original Clark Kent was a sexy beast. I’ve always liked Superman, I cheer for the underdog and I like the color red. However, it is my humble opinion that Spiderman could easily kick Superman’s ass by injecting kryptonite into his webs. Whatever- look like Clark Kent with these awesome glasses:

Tortoise Shell Nerdy Glasses

Tortoise Shell Ray Ban Glasses


2. Tina Fey and her Cat-Eyed Glasses (30 Rock and beyond)

nerdy glasses

Tina Fey’s nerdy glasses are the best.

Whoever claims not to like Tina Fey is totally lying. Not only is she an amazing writer, she’s hilarious. If you haven’t seen her in 30 Rock, you need to press pause on your life for at least three days and watch it in it’s entirety. Nothing says geek like Liz Lemon’s adorable glasses.

nerdy glasses

LensCrafters black cat eyed glasses

3.  Gregory Peck and his round framed, nerdy glasses in To Kill A Mockingbird

Gregory Peck Nerdy Glasses

Gregory Peck in Glasses

Out of all the movies that have been transformed into horrible remakes, I’m mostly glad that TKAM has not been. I mean c’mon, no one is ever going to beat Gregory Peck as  the intellectual Atticus Finch.
He’s the definition of the perfect intellectual.

nerdy glasses

Round geeky glasses like Atticus Finch


4.  Nathan Fillion and his thin rimmed glasses in Castle, Firefly

nerdy glasses

Nathan Fillion, Castle

Is Nathan Fillion a geek? Not sure, but he’s super cute. I’ve never seen him in Firefly, but I absolutely love him in Castle. A charming, funny, writer with a huge heart? Yes!

nerdy glasses

Nathan Fillion’s geeky, nerdy glasses

5. Ducky and his infamous nerdy glasses from Pretty in Pink

pretty in pink nerdy glasses

Ducky from Pretty in Pink

Ducky, aka a young Jon Cryer, from Pretty in Pink is one of the most underrated romantic characters ever.  Honest, kind, and fully embraces his geekiness. I still can’t believe she picked the rich kid. I mean c’mon…….really? Get it together, Ringwald.

Round nerdy glasses

Round nerdy glasses, inspired by Ducky.

Which nerdy glasses and nerd is your favorite?


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Arwen G (5 years ago)

You need to see Firefly. If you like Doctor Who, you’ll love it. Not because they are similar, but because they are both awesome.

    Melissa Weidenborner (5 years ago)

    Thanks! My husband loved Firefly, so I’m definitely going to check that out. Haven’t seen Doctor Who yet, but I’ve heard very good things!


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