Seven Areas of Improvement

I once read an article about Michelle Kwan’s father. I don’t remember when, or any specific details about it, but it basically talked about her trying to be the best version of herself. She’d  ask her father to write down less than redeeming qualities, ways she could improve.

I’m on a constant quest of self discovery and adventure, so I’m definitely game for this. However, I don’t think my delicate ego could bear anyone telling me about the worst parts of myself. Instead, I decided to do it myself.

I’ve been stuck in a funk for awhile now. I don’t know if it’s winter or what, but lately, I haven’t felt passionate or excited about anything. Even old episodes of Veronica Mars haven’t helped.

So here’s a list of ways I want to improve over the next few months:

Spend more time outside. 

I used to love playing outside as a kid. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve only found more ways to stay inside. Regardless of whether it’s running, playing football or camping, I definitely want to get outside more.

Find a way to intimidate myself.

In college, I worked at Victoria’s Secret. I don’t think I ever told anyone why. Growing up, I was shy and super awkward. I felt really uncomfortable going into VS. After a particularly bad breakup, I decided to apply there. It was way outside my comfort zone, and I desperately wanted to break out of my shell. It worked. Which leads me to the next one…

Regain my confidence.

In the past year or so, I’ve learned so much about myself. Somewhere in the process walking on egg shells when it came to any decision or personal choice, carefully choosing the right words for every single thing I said… I lost a lot of confidence. One of my favorite things about myself has always been the way I take (sometimes crazy) chances, and I truly feel as if I’ve lost that part of myself.

Keep on moving.

I spend so much time behind my computer. I want to do something with my body. Not only do I want to, I have to. Somewhere in my clusterF of a schedule, I need to make time to be a little more active.

Write more letters.

It’s no secret I love to write, but I used to really really enjoy writing letters. If anyone is in the market for a pen pal, I’m game. If we’re friends, expect a letter from me eventually.

Learn more.

When I did Melissa’s 100, I felt like I was learning something new about myself every single day. I loved it, and I miss that. I’m hoping a conscious effort and passion to learn new things will lead me in the right direction.

Have better relationships. 

It’s been a very long time since I felt close to someone. Outside of my marriage, I have a very small group of individuals I’m close with. I’d like to open up a little bit and trust people again.

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