Second Attempt at Having a Great Week -

I promised to try, in spite of my attempt last week, to have a great week. I got some interesting insights from this week, which actually, wasn’t so bad. Just busy.

Instead of a play by play, like my last post, here’s a list of wonderfully ironic and surprising things that happened to me this week.

1. I got some confidence back. 


Last year, actually, the past two, have been a little up and down. By the end of it, I felt like my confidence had gone through a paper shredder.
Through little victories this week, I got some of my mojo back. It’s amazing how one little boost of confidence can change your mood- it’s like it ripples through every part of your life.

2. I met someone who, was quite possibly, God in disguise. 

Thank you, Universe.


A curious stranger really restored my faith in the Universe. I had never met this individual before, and he just happened to catch me at the worst possible time. He was extremely patient and kind to me, for absolutely no reason. He took time out of his own night to make mine better. I don’t even know what his name was, but his words and wisdom really moved me. I guarantee his enthusiastic, “Oh sweetie, no, you don’t need that,”  will echo in my mind the next time I’m conflicted about something.


3. I got tapped for House Hunters.

House Hunters!

That’s pretty much it. A producer responded to my application for House Hunters. It probably won’t work out, but it’s still awesome to get a response.

4. I laughed. A lot. 

Best Days


5. I danced!!

Not in fire, but it was still fun.

6. I got inspired.


I went to an art show of one of my co-workers last night. The venue was this neat little place in Wilmington called Projekte- a fun little place with artwork, music, antiques and wine. I was talking to a co-worker about this incredible class I took in college- a figure drawing class. Talking about it made me really nostalgic, and being around all of that creativity sparked something in me.


7. I officially fell in love with Wilmington. 

Where everything’s better and everything’s safe.

Wilmington is really a great place to live, but as a Philly girl, I had my doubts. When we first moved here, I recall walking downtown early one morning,
on the phone with my Mom. I was drinking an apricot iced tea from Port City Java and taking in the sights, chatting with her about my new town.
This overwhelming feeling of calm came over me, and I just knew that everything would be ok. I felt the same way this week. I spent more time downtown and felt really connected to the community.

8. I stopped freaking out over food.



I try to avoid junk food, but I let myself indulge this week. Nachos, cookies, wine…. ultimate noms.

9. I listened to really really cheesy music. 


It was Celine Dion.

10.  I stopped being so scared. 


This goes hand in hand with confidence. Personally, when I’m not confident, I get scared. Of everything. I hesitate, I doubt, and that never leads anywhere good. This week, I just put it all out there. Time to stop being scared, unless, of course– it’s of a tornado. (Inside Joke: I’m terrified of tornadoes)

What do you think?
What did you learn this week?

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