Tell Me About It, Stud

Before I proceed with today’s awesome post, I wanted to share some thoughts I had about my previous blog posts.

I’ve tried a few different approaches when it comes to writing content. I’ve been funny, I’ve been serious. I’ve focused on vintage goods, specifically, but I’ve found that my best posts are when I combine all of those aspects – and just tell stories about my life. So I’m gonna run with that.

I have the perfect post to start off…

When I was in 3rd or 4th grade, I discovered leather pants, 1950′s swag, and the T-Birds. Yes, I discovered Grease. For years, I watched and rewatched the movie, sang along to the sidetrack, memorized my favorite scenes. 

The Grease fascination never went away. I held a torch for Danny Zuko for much longer than I’m willing to admit. I curled my hair to look like Olivia Newton-John and sometimes, when I was alone, I belted out favorites such as Hopelessly Devoted to You, Beauty School Dropout, and Summer Nights. 

One of my favorite scenes of Grease, of course, was the scene where innocent, naive Sandy becomes “Sand-ay!”. The heels, the leather pants, and of course, the leather jacket – the cigarette she takes a drag from, right before she says the memorable line, “Tell me about it, stud!”

That scene has always been so meaningful to me, especially as a kid. I was extremely shy, at times, painfully shy, up through high school. It wasn’t until I reached college that I really came out of my shell. Once a Sandra Dee, I increasingly became more and more confident and outspoken.

Still, as I described in a past post about red turtlenecks, I still get a little nervous. I can be confident, almost to a fault, but like anyone else, I get self conscious. Lately, I’ve felt like all of my choices have been under a microscope, good and bad. It’s a lot of pressure, hence, the wavering confidence.

So after this past week, having a few moments of red turtleneck, I decided to do something about it. I walked into The Wonder Shop downtown, a little unsure of what to look for. I’d know it when I saw it.

The two extremely trendy employees, maybe out of boredom, curiousity or obligation, asked me what I was looking for. Without missing a beat, I replied, “You know that scene in Grease where Olivia Newton-John turns all badass? Something like that.”

They looked a bit perplexed, and answered, “Oh… um, let me Google that.”


Anyway, they pulled a few wild and crazy things, a few merely meh dresses, until one of them mentioned, “Oh, well we have this great leather jacket. It’s cute.”

I tried it on. As soon as I slipped my arms through those sleeves, I knew that this was what I was looking for. Tight, studded, and hot. That was it.


I wore it out last night, just to test the waters. The studded shoulders were a conversation starter for sure. I got a lot of great compliments about it, felt pretty hot, but still, something wasn’t sitting well with me.

I realized it earlier today, after grabbing brunch at The Basics with my old friend Heather. I was wearing the jacket again, and maybe some of the novelty was gone, or maybe because I was spending a lot of time talking about my future plans with her, it wasn’t the jacket making me feel cool or confident.

It was me.

That rush of self confidence, that return of my inner leather clad Olivia Newton-John, was the jump start I’ve desperately needed. The truth is, at least for me, when you push beyond your fears and hesitations, you always get a fantastic return. For lack of a better word,  you get your swag back.

So while I’ll still rock the jacket, I also need to check in with myself now and then, scratch my own back a bit. I’m badass. I get shit done. I know what I want in life, and I actively pursue it. No matter how long it takes, or what it takes, I will have my own kick ass Carnival moment, well I truly feel like I’ve come into my own, personally and professionally.

Good thing I already have the jacket.


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