naked in snow


Photo by mhaithaca via flickr.

Photo by mhaithaca via flickr.


scorching words and searing eyes
blackened stares after our goodbyes
layered under our burns
there’s more than we know
there’s layers and layers
of white, beautiful snow.
a place where my bones tremble
under my porcelain skin
where your gaze is softer
then it’s ever been.
your words don’t have edges,
my thoughts don’t have walls
after moments of silence,
we’re barely moved at all.
there’s warmth in those seconds
we’re surrounded by flakes
but we’re still too afraid
of making mistakes.
i look for an answer
anywhere in your face
but all i can feel
is insurmountable space.
then there’s a flicker,
of cunning or guile.
a twitch, then a flutter
that turns into a smile.
That’s all it takes, for me to unfold
Too eager, too hungry,
all my poetry told.
The hot, feverish words,
crack, fracture, and so,
shortly, I’m naked,
exposed, in the snow.


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vanessa (4 years ago)

Wow. Brilliantly beautiful. I can make that into a song.

    Melissa (4 years ago)

    Please do!

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